The Golden Thread – Dalrymple and the Wild Daimons

A Mystical Puppet Rock Opera by Dalrymple and the Wild Daimons
Saturday, February 3, 7:30pm
Sunday, February 4, 2:00pm
Nevada Theatre, Nevada City, California
$35 premium reserved seating
$25 general admission

A Mystical Puppet Rock Opera

Where stories, songs & spells are woven together by the nimble fingers of fate.
Where a cast of otherworldly inhabitants fashion a vivid dream of curious glamour.
And where just across the glimmering golden veil, your destiny awaits…

The Golden Thread knits a song and weaves a dance.  Its inspiration derives from the inspired pages of such thoughtful minds as Plato, W.B. Yeats, Mr. Rogers, Carl Jung and the Welsh and Greek mythos.  From folklore to flying saucers, from fairies to funk, from initiation to transformation.  A spell, a spectacle, an experience, a variety show like no other.

Come hither as we:

*Mingle our voices in séance and make contact with the great beyond
*Behold the famous cauldron of inspiration as it cracks in twain
*Discover the truth behind the Berenstein Bear conspiracy
*Free our minds with cutting edge mediation techniques
*Investigate one of the most compelling cases of alien contact ever recorded and much more…

The Golden Thread is an experience of jubilant delight for all ages. Here shines the thread of our earthly human existence, woven by the fates themselves. A spirit-stitch in the tapestry of time.

Who We Are
Dalrymple and the Wild Daimons is a multi-media musical theatre ensemble whom inhabit multiple genres and tonal expressions: neo-classical, chamber-folk, avant-rock, opera, jazz, funk and psychedelia, all playfully charged with whimsical undertones. The music is further amplified with the theatrics of puppetry, storytelling, film projections and dance.

The ensemble is led by multi-instrumentalist/puppeteer/storyteller/playwright, Dalrymple MacAlpin who plays guitar, piano, synthesizer and gut-string medieval harp along with his idiosyncratic counter-tenor vocals. MacAlpin is supported by a cast of puppets and humans who call themselves, The Wild Daimons:

Rumpelstilzchen, Dortchen Wild, DJ Tele-Grimm-Gram, Ceridwen and Taliesin who contribute stories, songs, poetry and musical numbers with interactive audience participation.

Cory Van Kol: drums, gongs and percussive oddities, Michael Wronski: upright and electric bass, conga, Jesse Krautkramer: tenor sax, vibraphone, theremin and percussion.

Behind the scenes is Angela Holm, Benjamin Milner and Stephanie Moellman providing textural sonic soundscapes, live video projections and lighting effects throughout each performance.

Mission Statement

Not just featherless bipeds with two hands each, Dalrymple and the Wild Daimons exist in multiple forms and dimensions. Mystical puppet rock opera storytellers? Certainly. Sorcerers of the psychic dreamscape? Absolutely. Alter-ego comic book superheroes; waging war against the soulless eradication of personal godhood? Unquestionably.

These pathfinders exist alongside their fellow collaborators for a singular purpose: To transform and align the stars of individual human consciousness with the primeval guardian spirits known as the Daimons. Utilizing the divine electricity that courses through the cosmic fields of music, art, puppetry, theatre, magick and the active imagination, Dalrymple and the Wild Daimons believe that:


The ensemble derives their name from the Greek word for Provider/Divider of destiny/fortune, i.e. The Daimon.