Peter, Paul & Eli with Ty Smith & Brett Cole

Sunday, May 19, 6:30pm
Wild Eye Pub
535 Mill St, Grass Valley, CA

Join Paul Emery, Peter Wilson & Eli Rush along with Ty Smith on drums and Brett Cole on bass for an evening of songs, stories and fine dining at the Wild Eye Pub.

Paul Emery is the creator of the Leonard Cohen review 1000 Kisses Deep, a founding member of Backwoods Jazz and the Greater Carmichael Street Band, and a longstanding member of the Fun Train Minstrels duo. Emery is well know for his decades of work as community radio KVMR’s news director.

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Peter Wilson is a member of the Deadbeats and a founding member of 1000 Kisses Deep. Along with his songwriting cohorts, Mountain John Hilligoss and Moe Dixon, they’ve written scores of songs, toured and released a studio CD. At home in Grass Valley, California Wilson has hosted radio variety shows and open mic. nights.

Eli Rush has traveled to remote parts of the planet and paddled over 2,000 miles of rivers in wilderness areas across the world as a guide and photographer. When he’s not paddling the in the Amazon or Yukon, Eli is often found accompanying guitarists and other wildlife on harmonica.

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