Performance Art – Thurs, Oct 30

Performance Art 
Thursday, October 30, 7:30pm, $15
Nevada Theatre, 401 Broad Street, Nevada City


Maggie and Keith Gin GameSandra Rockman presents the best of performance art monologues by local writer/actors. Their pieces run the gamut from family history to quirky business clients to personal discoveries in word, and sometimes, music. Some of Nevada County’s favorite stage actors and a few newbies. Andrea Baruch de la Pardo, Sarah Griscom, Nancy Swayzee, John Bush, Carol Menaker, Maggie Cull, Bill Hubbard, Lindsay Dunckel, Laurence Fogiel, MaryMay Vereen, Keith Porter, Sam & Adele Mills, Patti Galle, Laura Drucker, Dinah Smith, Joyce Miller, Alice Beloved, and Mary Walker.