Golden Shoulders & The Moore Brothers

Friday, November 4, 8:00pm
Nevada Theatre, 401 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA
$30 premium reserved seating
$20 general admission

Since late 2001, Golden Shoulders has been an ongoing musical concern. Proudly based out of Nevada City, California, they’ve had a constantly changing, growing, shrinking lineup of musicians performing songs written by bandleader/mascot Adam Kline. They’ve embarked on many United States tours, playing with a reduced lineup of either two or three people (however many can comfortably fit in Adam’s car), while playing larger shows with a whole mess of musicians onstage when closer to home.

This upcoming show at the recently-beautified Nevada Theatre will be their first show anywhere since November 2020, on account of the unpleasantness, and a Golden Shoulders lineup of long-timers and relative newcomers is very, very excited to look out and see an audience. Golden Shoulders makes Nevada City music for Nevada City people.

The Moore Brothers

California duo, the Moore Brothers, have released eight albums showcasing their rich sibling harmony. Each brother, Thom and Greg, brings his unique songwriting style to listeners, allowing two different stories to unfold in one set.

Unlike many bands claiming to be brothers, Greg and Thom Moore actually are siblings, growing up together in Altadena, CA. And although they had both been playing in various projects for years, it wasn’t until 2001 that the two finally established the Moore Brothers. Beginning in the late ’80s, Thom Moore formed several bands, including Colorful Calliope with R&B singer Jon B. Greg released a solo record before joining Thom for the folk-punk band Thumb of the Maid. After its other members departed, Thom and Greg formed Moore Brothers and released their debut, Colossal Small, on Amazing Grease (founded by Pavement’s Scott Kannberg).