Achilles Wheel and the Omega Variant


Nevada Theatre, Nevada City, CA
Thursday, February 10, 7:30PM
$20 general admission
$30 reserved seating

Achilles Wheel’s Paul Kamm, Jonny Mojo and Mark McCartney are joined by Jonathan Stoyanoff (Sometimers), David Clouse (Dream & the Dreamer) & Jessie Jennings to make music in a new, promising and variant configuration.

Achilles Wheel is a California band that blurs the lines between genres with a mix of infectious high energy dance beats and stark lyrical ballads. Roots Rock storytelling combined with dance hall psychedelia.

Much like life itself, their music breathes in and out with joy and pain, hurtling forward like a wheel, intent on hope and love. They play hard as a way to break down walls and celebrate life. Their idealism is not diminished by the harsh light of the modern world as we struggle to live free and have a good time… and in the end – hopefully make a difference. Achilles Wheel fearlessly sings out to these times, the here and now.

Jonathan Stoyanoff is busy with Joe Craven and the Sometimers.  He attended the Berklee College of Music, co-founded the group Pimp the Cat. He toured with Favored Nations recording artist Johnny A, and spent four years on the road with Global Funk Council.

David Clouse began his career playing with Ron Crotty from the Dave Brubeck Quartet and Terrell Eaton from Bonnie Raitt, and spent several years teaching, playing, and touring through-out the United States. Since 2012 David has been living in Nevada County and performs extensively with a long list of people that includes Bill Douglass, Achilles Wheel, Ralph Hammer (from Stevie Wonder), and Dream and the Dreamer, among others.