Haute Trash – Planet or Plastic – 30 Years of Trash Fashion

Saturday & Sunday, October 13 & 14
Saturday, 8:00pm
$35 premium reserved
$25 general admission
Sunday Matinee, 2:00pm
$30 premium reserved
$20 general admission

Haute Trash returns to their roots: the Nevada Theatre. It was 30 years ago that they performed their infamous “8-8-88” show at the oldest continuously running theatre in California. They’ll be celebrating this rich history of trash fashion, welcoming designers from all around the country. You won’t want to miss this fabulous foray into unique fashion!

Haute Trash is a social commentary satire, as it examines the wastefulness of the American culture and stresses the potential for recycling every day throw away items into one-of-a-kind fashions. The designers of Haute Trash are ecologically-minded artists who have chose to use fashion as a statement to encourage people to think twice about their trash.

Haute couture fashion is an art form with many layers of meaning: humor, innovation, contingency, nostalgia, performance, and frequently, a lack of practicality. As opposed to a designer working from a sketch from the imagination, the available local materials most often determine the design element by their very nature. This lends itself to very unusual styles, as you will see in this runway extravaganza.

Haute Trash has been a Non-Profit 501c3 since 2006. These shows are a fundraiser to keep the organization moving forward with its mission to spread their environmental message to the broadest possible audience.  It is their vision to inspire people of all ages to transform use of resources such that our planetary impact actually improves life on all levels for all living creatures, and there is no longer a need for environmental activism. As all people begin to view trash with less tolerance, we gain the power to create a world in which more consumer items are designed to be waste free.  Businesses will function with increased awareness regarding the amount of trash being generated.  The current worldview of disposable waste will be obliterated through diligence and consistent public exposure to alternatives. Through the ironic and joyful celebration of this art form, Haute Trash uses trash to create extraordinary runway fashions.

Returning designers will be:
Kathi Griffis – Prima Debris
Robin Worley – Rayona Visqueen
Judy Nielsen & Shaun Muscolo – Elvira Mental Werks
Nic Griffin – Lotta Rubbish
Aria Griffis – Toxic Blonde Productions
Katie Griffis – Radiant Waste Productions
Lauren Melevin – Myra Bish
Kristi Byrd – Trashy Designs
Dana Kiel – Ivanna B. Greene
Radhe Haytonv – SamSara
Vanessa Lambert – Stitch Vixen
Lorraine Kwan and Janet Lee
And welcoming NEW designers:
Rose Sellery
Charlotte Kruk
Loren Beardsley – Laurent La Poubelle
Jules Gragg
Lisa Dunne – Team SOS
Rose Orelup

Modeling for Haute Trash will be:
Haley Glasco, Marilyn Rohrbacher, Sarah Gordon, Nicole Ellsworth, Estrella Acosta, Alexandra Frishman, Bonna Stoner, Felicia Peterson, Andrea Fox, Laura LaPointe, Makia Williams, Rachel James, Sita Rama, Brianna O’Leary, Danielle Scallin, Mikail Graham, Candice Kohler, Jess Perak and Cody Weber.