Author Molly Fisk – Friday, October 10

Molly Fisk
Friday, October 10, 8pm, Tickets $20
Nevada Theatre, 401 Broad Street, Nevada City


Molly-Fisk-Color-imageJoin Molly Fisk at the historic Nevada Theatre for an evening of reading, reciting, talking, special guests, strange phenomea and exciting surprises!

Award-winning author and poet Molly Fisk has a voice that was made for radio. It is distinct, warm, resonant, powerful, emotive, and confident. Every week Fisk takes to the radio waves on the News Hour of KVMR-FM, Nevada City 89.5, to share her humorous and colorful short stories and compelling poems. Her wit, impeccable timing, and astute observations have made her a favorite among listeners across the nation. This Friday, October 10, at the historic Nevada Theatre, Fisk will read a selection of poems and essays from the radio along with new material from an upcoming book titled “Using Your Turn Signal Promotes World Peace?”

Fisk’s personal story is as diverse and fascinating as the tales she reads on air. She didn’t start writing until the age of thirty-five after leaving a successful career in the business world as a sweater designer/manufacturer (Northern Lights) and a Fortune-1000 lender. She has been teaching writing since 1994 and running the on-line workshop Poetry Boot Camp since 2001. She has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the California Arts Council, and the Marin Arts Council. She has read her poems at TEDxSanFrancisco and TEDxGrassValley.

“There is something special about radio,” explains Fisk. “The world is so visually crowded. You can listen to the radio and still go about your life. The radio brings music and stories right into our home, making it more intimate.”

Being on the radio has taught Fisk more about editing than years of schooling and writing workshops.   Those three minutes she is allotted must capture, inspire and transport the listener. She is willing to turn sentences inside and out and she’s not shy about putting in a 10-dollar word if she has to.

“I want to take my audience someplace, but I also want to take care of them,” says Fisk. “I love making people laugh. I’m never that funny in real life.”

Fisk’s stories are indeed laugh-out-loud funny, but some are raw, soulful tearjerkers. She talks about the world going to hell in a hand basket and the uncertainty of the world around us all with the intention of helping people calm down and put it in perspective. Fisk draws inspiration from what she reads on social media, what she overhears in coffee shops, and her own experiences. And like a true writer, she finds the humor and beauty in it all.